Ghost in the Shell Arise #3’s 1st 9 Minutes Streamed


Yuka Keichō joins cast as mysterious individual Hozumi in June 28 screenings about terrorist bombing & genius hacker
The official website for the Ghost in the Shell Arise anime project began streaming the first nine minutes of the third installment on Saturday. The third episode, titled “border:3 Ghost Tears,” will open in theaters in Japan on June 28.
The story begins when Motoko is awoken from her dream by Batou, who was peeking into it. She tells him not to look into her mental lobby when she’s on break, to which he apologizes. He reports that there’s been a bombing by terrorists, and Motoko orders him to get everyone on the scene. Next to Motoko, her lover Akira Hose rises from the bed, and asks her if she has works. She replies with an apology, and he tells her that the longest time any of her breaks has lasted is five hours and seven minutes, and then sends her off with a kiss.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki will play the new character Akira Hose, Motoko Kusanagi’s lover. A new facet of Motoko will be revealed through this custom-made cyborg engineer.
The episode’s ending theme is song “HeartGrenade” by Sean Lennon (the son of the late musician John Lennon and artist Yoko Ono) and the anime’s composer Keigo Oyamada (also known as Cornelius).

Ghost in the Shell Arise border: 3 Ghost Tears will open in Japan on June 28, and it will play in select theaters for two weeks. Funimation licensed the four-part anime and released the first episode in a special imported edition in August. The company plans to screen the first two episodes in a limited theatrical run later this year. The company is also offering the special-edition release prior to its typical English-language home video release.



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