Free! Eternal Summer’s 2nd Promo Shows New Character


2nd Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club season to premiere on July 2
The official website for Free! Eternal Summer, the second season of Kyoto Animation’s Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club anime, began streaming the second promotional video on Thursday. The video features “Dried Up Youthful Fame,” the opening theme song by OLDCODEX, and a new character.

Haruka: An ambush here, Rin?
Rin: I was waiting for you, Haru.
Haru: I don’t care about records at all.
Rin: You’re still saying that? Even if you don’t care about winning or losing or records, you think you’re top dog in the water, don’t you? I’ll put some life into that dead face of yours.
Rei: I don’t swim anything… But the butterfly stroke!
Seijūrō: Then I’ll challenge you will the butterfly, too!
Nagisa: Rei, your goggles are falling off again!
Gorō: You want to join? All right, you need to fill out a paper first…
Sōsuke: No… I…
Text: One more man
Nagisa: We’ll walk around the school in swimsuits!
Go: That might be cool…!
Rei: No way!!
Makoto: There’s nothing we can do except do things our way.
Text: It comes upon them once again…
Rei: Told you. You’re getting passionate about it.
Haru: …Not really.
Text: The hot summer.
Rin: By the way… Have you guys thought about what you’re going to do after graudation?
Makoto: Rin, you’re going to aim for the world championships, right?
Rin: This summer’s nationals are my final chance.
Text: Heading towards a future they haven’t seen yet
Rin: Haru, Makoto. What are you guys planning to do?
Makoto: I…
Rin: Tch!
Text: That summer will surely become eternal.

The video previews the new character Sōsuke Yamazaki, one of Rin’s best friends from elementary school who understands him well. Yoshimasa Hosoya plays Sōsuke.
Free! Eternal Summer, will premiere on July 2 in Japan. The group OLDCODEX returns to perform the opening theme song “Dried Up Youthful Fame” after performing the first season’s opening theme. Similarly, the five main leads — Nobunaga Shimazaki as Haruka Nanase, Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Makoto Tachibana, Mamoru Miyano as Rin Matsuoka, Tsubasa Yonaga as Nagisa Hazuki, and Daisuke Hirakawa as Rei Ryugazaki — are singing the ending theme song “Future Fish.”



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