2nd Persona 3 Film’s New Promo


The official website for the Persona 3 films updated at midnight on Tuesday, and posted a new promotional video for the upcoming Persona 3 the Movie #2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream film. The video features the theme song “Fate In Our Hands” by Lotus Juice.
Yukari: When I found out I had power, I thought it wasn’t a coincidence. I was scared, but I thought I could learn something about dad… But in the end, there wasn’t a reason for me to be here. After all, dad… It was all his fault.
Junpei: All right! It’s here! The blue ocean, the white sand!
Fuka: Kirijo-senpai, you’re so pretty.
Yukari: This is amazing!
Junpei: This kind of thing is just so great!
Aegis: I’ve found you. There’s no mistaking it.
Ikutsuki: Her name is Aegis. As you can see, she is a robotic maiden.
Shinjiro: I’ve already thrown away my power.
Mitsuru: This is the Kirijo family’s sin…
Yukari: What dad did…
Takaya: Would you like to go back to your boring normal life?
Makoto: Then things should stay the way they are.
Ken: Please let me fight with you!
Makoto: Aegis!
Aegis: Makoto!
Elizabeth: However, please be careful of an approaching entity…
Yukari: No!!
Unchanged from the game, Koromaru has no credited voice actor. His Persona is Cerberus.

Tomomi Ishikawa will direct the film at A-1 Pictures from scripts by Jun Kumagai with supervision by Seiji Kishi. Keisuke Watabe is designing the characters for the film, and will also serve as animation director. Shoji Meguro and Tetsuya Kobayashi are scoring the soundtrack.

The film will open on June 7 in Japanese theaters.

In the game’s story, there is a hidden time known as the “Dark Hour” that exists between one day and the next when all movement in the town stops. During this time, terrible creatures called Shadows roam, and a group of high school students in the city of Iwatodai are drawn into the Dark Hour to fight these creatures and explore the mysterious tower of Tartarus. This group uses weapons called Evokers that are used to summon Personas.



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