New Fairy Tail TV Anime’s Promo Video Previews BoA Song


Avex began streaming a promotional video for the new Fairy Tail television anime series on Sunday. The video features the opening theme song “Masayume Chasing” (Prophetic Dream Chasing) by singer BoA.
Text: Fiore Kingdom …It is a world filled with magic. There, there is the world’s most rowdy guild…
Text: Its name: Fairy Tail.
Natsu: I’m a mage from Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel. I’m a dragon-slayer.
Natsu: No need to say a thing! Leave it to me!
Lucy: If you do more than that, you’ll break the entire store again!
Happy: I’m a cat!
Gray: You’re the one who’s gonna cry!
Guild members: Erza…
Erza: You fools…
Natsu: A dragon… graveyard?
Voice: Eclipse: The time when the world will wither. The dragon king festival… The dragon’s name is Acnologia.
Lucy: Acnologia…?
Natsu: Why you…!
Text: The battle fantasy that has enchanted the entire world…
Text: New anime adaptation
Gajeel: Crud… Don’t fool around.
Juvia: Oh…! My dear Gray…!
Natsu: You little…!
Wendy: Milky Way!
Lucy: How pretty…!
Gray: Deliora!
Lucy: It’s impossible-!
Natsu: It’s not over yet!
Text: A new story is beginning.
Natsu: I won’t give up!

The new anime of Hiro Mashima’s manga will premiere on April 5



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