1st Noragami OVA’s Promo Video Streamed


Kodansha began streaming a one-minute promotional video on Thursday for the upcoming Noragami original anime video. The video previews the “Kamigakari” episode, which Kodansha is bundling with the manga’s 10th volume on February 17.

The original anime episode follows Hiyori, who has had her body taken over by Yato through divine possession. When Yato has her under his control, he makes her go through a “high school debut,” and also makes her do missionary work to spread his name. The episode adapts chapter 25 of the manga. The anime series staff is returning to produce the episode.

Kodansha will bundle the second original video with the manga’s 11th volume on July 17.

The anime series follows Yato (played by Hiroshi Kamiya), a poor minor god living an insignificant life in the human world whose dream is to someday be worshiped by the masses. In hopes of garnering more of a following, he spends his time trying to spread his name by writing his cell phone number on various walls across the city and aiding those in need (for 5 yen). He is, as he likes to call himself, a “delivery god.” Hiyori Iki (Maaya Uchida), a daughter from a respectable family, saves Yato from a traffic accident, but is hit instead. Because of this, Hiyori becomes a “Hanyō” — someone whose spirit comes out easily. Hiyori pursues Yato to get her body fixed, and the two begin their journey together with Yato’s shinki (a tool gods use), a young boy named Yukine (Yuuki Kaji). As the three fight against demons who would seek to harm humans, Yato’s past is gradually revealed.



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